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artist / Jeffrey

Jeffrey Chang (aka) Da-Fei
Age: 1978
Education: Fu-Xing Arts School


˙ 2006 Established Ben Kei Painting Studio , Introduction of Glitter Paint Technology
˙ 2008 Introduced gold foil sticker technology, use of automobiles / motorcycles paint; teamed up with the Red Devil Glitter brand to promote 1950's Pin-striping art
˙ 2009 Participated in the 19th annual Japan MOONEYES HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW, runner-up for painted gas tank exhibition
˙ 2010 Introduced vintage treatment paint technology; invited to participate in the Japan MOONEYES 20th / HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW, runner-up for painted helmets exhibition

Da-Fei's painting journey can only be described as "daring", with his courageous first steps at creating the limitless potentials of life. "Going to Japan, and not knowing Japanese, then learning some simple conversations; also with poor English, but persistence, and not afraid of being ridiculed , foreigners thought that this Taiwanese was amusing." His painting skills and business, paved a new road due to him having the "courage" to speak out.
Da- Fei studied at Fu-Xing art institute, and placed 2nd with his senior project exhibition with his spray painted smoke and cloud effects artwork. He had request to be the apprentice of a Japanese painting master, and with a very difficult start, beginning with cleaning chores, two weeks of learning to mix paint, painting, and other basic principles.

After returning to Taiwan, he continued his ho...